IeCCS 2007

International e-Conference of Computer Science

(International electronic Conference on Computer Science)

28 June 8 July 2007 Part I

1-8 December 2007 Part II


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Frequently asked questions

Here we will present frequently asked questions (for the form of the Conference) with answers:

How are the papers presented (life video or recorded)?

They can be recorded  or written in PDF format (if it is impossible to someone to record his oral presentation).

How does discussion go on (video conference/telephone/email/chat)?

Via a forum (chat): Each paper belongs to a Session. Each Session has its Forum. The duration of each Session is 48 hours. Each paper will be presented to the participants for 36 hours (for these hours one can download the presentation to his/her computer and study the presentation). During the last 12 hours the author(s) of the paper(s) can give answers to the questions posted on the Forum. No further questions will be accepted after the first 36 hours

Does one have to be online all the 36 hours as a paper presenter to answer questions?

Of course NOT. The authors of the papers will be connected to the Forum during the last 12 hours of the Session in order to post the answers to the questions for their paper(s).

It is necessary to pay the registration fee to the conference BEFORE the submission and the notification of the paper acceptance?

IT IS OBVIOUS that if your paper will be rejected then the fees will be returned to you.  Of course you can pay (and this the normal situation) ONLY if your paper is accepted. If you will register to the Conference at the early registration period (i.e. until the end of the early registration period) then your will pay with EARLY registration fees even if your paper will be accepted (finally) at the late, for example, registration period


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