IeCCS 2007

International e-Conference of Computer Science

(International electronic Conference on Computer Science)

28 June 8 July 2007 Part I

1-8 December 2007 Part II


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We are proud to announce that the Proceedings of IeCCS 2007 will be published in the very famous AIP (American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings. More information in here


Leaflet of IeCCS




Final Programme for IeCCS 2007 Part II

Final Dates of the Conference: 14/12/07 - 27/12/07




Important Announcements for IeCCS 2007

Announcement 21/11/2007

Due to a big number of requests we accept

papers until 28/11/2007


The participants must send:


A 3-4 A4 pages short paper


The AIP Copyright Transfer Agreement 

(signed by INK, scanned and submitted via e-mail)


The publication of the papers in a Volume of AIP

is dependent on the result

of the international peer review procedure


The new important dates are:


Submission of Extended Abstract/Short Paper of

3-4 A4 pages: November 28, 2007 - Final Date


Notification of acceptance: December 3, 2007


Submission of the source files of the camera ready

extended abstracts for AIP Conference Proceedings:

December 4, 2007 - Final Date


Submission of the source file of the presentation of the

Conference lecture : December 4, 2007 - Final Date


Late registration: New Date: 5/12/2007

(there are few participants that they haven't received yet notifications.

For these papers the Late registration is extended to 10/12/2007

or until 3 days after the receipt of their notification) New Information: 10-12-2007


Conference: 14-23 December, 2007 New Date

Notice (10-12-2007): From 14/12/2007 the papers of IeCCS 2007 will be upload in the Conference area


Program of the Conference will be announced at 13/12/2007


Announcement 2/8/2007


Part II for IeCCS 2007


We have decided to Organize a Second Part for IeCCS 2007.

1 - 8 December 2007




for the participants which have used ONLY the e-mail WITHOUT a carbon copy to

Attention: Due to problems with the server of, please resubmit all the e-mails to with a carbon copy to If you have already submitted the messages to with a carbon copy to then, please ignore this announcement  





IeCCS-2007 PROGRAMME for the First Part




(28 June - 8 July 2007) Part I

(1 - 8 December 2007) Part II


It is important to keep in mind that you can attend the Conference from

your office PC or from any internet-enabled computer you may choose


The participants of IeCCS 2007 must complete the present submission form and

must send it to the fax mentioned on it (this is a required option for the

participation in IeCCS 2007)



Special Announcement


International e-Conference of Computer Science 2007

(IeCCS 2007)



Special awards for excellence on Computer Sciences.

The work of young scientists has a special position in the IeCCS.
The Conference encourages and promotes excellence for young scientists.
Four prizes will be awarded to graduate students or scientists with a recently
completed PhD, in all areas of Computer Sciences:

Prize-winning work will be widely publicized and promoted
by the Conference (we plan to publish the announcement of the

prizes to widely known magazines).

Prof. T.E. Simos,

Chair IeCCS 2007

In order someone to participate:

1. He/she must declare his participation at the Secretary of IeCCS at

2. He/she must declare if he/she is a PhD student or is a Post-doc

(in this case he/she must present his/her PhD at most 4-5 years ago)


3. He/she must send us (via fax (at the fax numbers: ++ 30 210 94 20 091

and ++ 30 2710 237 397)) a certification that has finished recently

his/her PhD Thesis or that he/she is a PhD student.

4. He/she must present his/her paper at the e-Conference






All participants who have paid their respective conference registration fees will receive a login name and password before the start of the e-Conference, in order to enable them to access the e-Conference programme (this part of the website will be restricted only to fully registered participants). Please note that each login name and password will allow access to the restricted part of the IeCCS website from only ONE internet-enabled computer at a time (in other words: it will not be possible to concurrently use the same login and password access from a second etc computer).


If a whole Department or Group of people wishes to have access to the e-Conference programme (28 June - 8 July 2007), please contact the General Chair for access registration fees. Please note that this is in addition to any individual registrations from that Department or Group and concerns ONLY the access issue, i.e. it does not include submission of abstracts/papers. In such cases a special login and password will be provided.

The aim of IeCCS 2007 is to bring together leading scientists of the international Computer Science community and to attract original research papers of very high quality. more..... 

Under the Auspices of

bulletEuropean Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ESCMCE)

Dates of Importance

bulletDates for Registration  
bullet Notification of acceptance
bullet Submission of full papers. more ...

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