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International e-Conference of Computer Science

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1 July 8 July 2008


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Procedures for the approval of a proposal for a session-workshop or minisymposium:

1. The Organizer must send us a proposal for the organisation of a session-workshop or minisymposium
2. The Organizer must give us a small description of his/her proposal (no more than 150 words)
3. The Organizer must give us his/her short CV
4. The Organizer must inform us about the procedures which will follow for the promotion of this session-workshop or minisymposium (the Organizer is responsible for the promotion)
5. The Organizer must give us full affiliations of his/hers with an e-mail in which someone can send a paper on the subject of the session-workshop or minisymposium.

After approval the Organizer will be the responsible person for the selection of the papers. The papers must be send to us until 05/06/2008 (Part I) and 28 November (Part II). In the Proceedings of IeCCS 2008 (which
will be published in a Special Volume of the very famous AIP Conference Proceedings) the session-workshop or minisymposium will be in a separate section of the Volume with a Preface written by the organizer. From time to time the organizer must inform us about the participation of his/her session. If a session consists of 6 registrations at least or a symposium consists of 8 registrations at least, then the registration of the organizer in IeCCS 2008 is free.


Important Notice: The authors of the Sessions and Symposia of IeCCS 2008, must send the papers DIRECTLY to the Symposium's or Session's Organizer which is responsible for the selection of the papers of his/her Symposium/Session.



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