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International e-Conference on Computer Science

(International electronic Conference on Computer Science)

1 July 8 July 2008


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Procedure for submission of a paper for the Proceedings of IeCCS 2008:


      a) The author must send a completed submission form to the fax (in Greece): ++ 30 210 94 20 091 or

            ++ 30 2710 237 397. The submission form can be found here. This is a required option for

            your participation in IeCCS 2008


      b) The author must prepare his/her short paper-extended abstract according to the instructions mentioned

             above and using thetemplate files OR LaTeX style files given above. The length of the short paper-

             extended abstract must be of 3-4 pages.


        c) The author must send his/her paper for review to the e-mail address: with a

            carbon copy to the e-mail address:


        d) After review a revision and final version of the paper must be provided. Together with this material the

            copyright transfer agreement must be downloaded from here, must be signed by INK and must be send to

            the fax (in Greece): ++ 30 210 94 20 091 or ++ 30 2710 237 397


Guidelines for the preparation of a paper for the Proceedings of IeCCS 2008:


        1. Instructions to the authors can be found here: 8.5 x 11 inch, single-column instruction booklet and 8.5 x 11

            inch, single-column sample paper or here


        2. Word for Windows template file can be downloaded here. Users Guide can be downloaded here.


        3. LaTeX guidelines can be downloaded here. Style files etc can be downloaded here.


        General Guidelines, template and style files can be found here.



Checklist before you send your camera ready paper for

the Proceedings of IeCCS 2008:




Have you prepared your paper according the template Word for Windows file or LaTeX style files of the AIP Conference Proceedings? Have you seen the single-column sample paper ?


Have you signed by ink and send to the fax of the Organizing Committee (++ 30 210 94 20 091 and ++ 30 2710 237 397) the submission form and the copyright transfer agreement ?


Have you follow the procedure for Request for Permission to Reprint Published Material (if such material exists in your paper) ?


Have you sent your paper to: with a carbon copy to: ?  



Only electronic submission of abstracts will be accepted and only electronic acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be send.


For all the papers the authors must check the above checklist. Here is the ACM Classification Index in the case that you need it. If some points of the above checklist haven't been followed then your paper may be rejected for presentation and/or publication in the Proceedings of IeCCS

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